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Wings for the World
Wings for the World II
Wings for the World III
A Test Pilot's Life

Ever wonder just how your airplane came to be?

Written directly from the memories and notes of the original aerodynamicists, engineers and test pilots, find out about the conceptual planning, detail design, prototype construction (and refinement), and flight testing through the CAA or FAA certification of Cessna planes built from 1946 through 2000!

For 28 years, author William Thompson worked for the Cessna Aircraft Company as an engineering test pilot and later, as the Manager of Flight Test & Aerodynamics.  In his books, he presents a vivid picture of the "golden age" of aviation to both technically-minded and non-technical pilots. These inspirational stories describe how Cessna airplanes were designed and tested in preparation for their use by the flying public from all over the world.