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The Single-Engine Development Story

Cessna Wings for the World chronicles in 198 pages and 85 photographs the development of all the Cessna single-engine airplanes from 1946 through 1991. This remarkable collection of stories are rare photographs reflect the memories of the many aerodynamicists, engineers, and test pilots who were involved in the initial conceptual planning detail design, prototype construction (and refinement), and flight testing of each model. Unlike other published books on this subject, this book describes the airplane development directly from those who were involved.

The personal experiences and occasional misadventures related by project test pilots and their flight test engineers present a vivid picture of the "golden age" of aviation to both technically-minded and non-technical pilots.

This is the inspirational story of a small group of people who started from a product line of zero in 1946 to an active list of 47 models in 1977, including the world's most popular executive jet airplane — the Cessna Citation. From 450 employees early in 1946, the company employment worldwide in 1977 exceeded 16,000 dedicated people. The author, William D. Thompson, served as both an engineering test pilot and a manager of flight test and aerodynamics in his 28-year career at the Pawnee Division that produced all of those 133,850 single-engine Cessna airplanes in Kansas.

This 8.5 x 11 softcover book contains 198 pages and 85 photographs.

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